About us

About us

Electricity comes from the wall socket ...

... and as a matter of course you find cold drinks, fresh vegetables and other food in the refrigerator. Most of us are not really interested to know how this works - as long as it works.

And this is exactly our business: to ensure the functioning of cooling systems - meeting any kind of requirements everywhere in the world. Your comfortable home is as important to us as the processing site for shrimps in Africa or the accurately operating laboratory of the university hospital in Belarus. It is our knowledge, our experience and our flexible, committed and precise performance that you can always trust. From long-term planning to the best solution for your individual problem. This is demonstrated in the following pages.

Enjoy your journey through our world of cooling and air conditioning.

Doubaras GmbH
located in Düsseldorf

Founded in 1985
by Aristotelis Doubaras
(Manager and Proprietor)

His staff represents the extraordinary know-how of the company. 24 hours
a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

About Doubaras GmbHAristotelis Doubaras