In the "Global Village" cooling is indispensable


Today's high comfort needs require that everything has to be available at any time. That needs cooling energy. Reliable and controllable cooling energy. Not least because the production, storage and provisioning of many products are subject to strict requirements. There are no standard concepts or nostrums. Everything needs its own individual planning. From conventional isolating systems, refrigeration units, freezers and fridge shelves, to modular constructed cold rooms for cooling and deep-freezing, to complex special constructions, multicompressor refrigeration systems and cabinet control systems for refrigeration of all kinds of performance.

According to your requests we plan and construct a tailor-made solution for you. If required, we include heat recovery technology, which becomes more and more important with regard to discussions about climate and ecology. With this technology you use the heat, which is released by the refrigeration units, for example to produce hot water up to 60°C, thereby saving precious energy.