Minus 86°C - A vital temperature


Quite often human life depends on reliable refrigeration technology, especially in research institutes, universities, clinics, blood banks, pharma groups and chemical companies. Ultra-low temperature freezers were developed for long-term storage and quality assurance of organic substances such as DNA, RNA, cells and protein samples to meet the various requirements of biological, pharmaceutical, clinical and industrial refrigeration. In this context it is not only cooling but precise refrigeration systems which are essential for the long-term preservation of valuable and irrecoverable substances. Competent refrigeration technicians are needed who plan, install and maintain these important systems with due diligence. For a steady and trouble-free continuous operation of the items. Using microprocessor technology and interface modules for a comfortable remote control, monitoring and recording of the temperatures via PC. Doubaras GmbH calls on many years of experience especially in the refrigeration technology up to minus 86°C.