Cooling technology of Doubaras GmbH all over the world:


  • warehouse for long-term storage of onions with a capacity of 1,000t in Thessaloniki/Greece
  • fish processing plant in Gambia/ West Africa
  • food wholesale stores in Düsseldorf and Munich

Ultra-low temperature technology for:

  • hospitals and clinics in North Rhine-Westphalia

Doubaras GmbH has installed reliable air conditioning technology in:

  • private houses
  • private wine-cellars
  • storage rooms for fur, cigars, etc.

Climatization systems of Doubaras GmbH protect:

  • office complex in Accra/Ghana
  • operating rooms of paediatric clinic in Minsk/Belarus
  • server rooms with a cooling capacity of 2 MW in Düsseldorf
  • computer centre of 7,000 sqm in Düsseldorf
  • central computer centre of the university hospital in Düsseldorf
  • office and hotel buildings in North Rhine-Westphalia